Sunday, 26 August 2007

Side Story, Side trip

My holiday in Singapore was well spent.The shipbuilder owners are very hospitable, inviting us often for lunch, dinner & sightseing.Shopping was very good in those days, the country is very clean & people are very disciplined.Chewing gums & throwing cigarete butts on the streets or anyplace is prohibited, fine is 500 singaporean dolars above.
Below are some pictures from Singapore

One evening, hubby & I decided to go to Chinatown..We took a taxi from the hotel & told the driver to take us to chinatown.The driver, started speaking with me in chinese, so i stoped him & told him to speak in english cause i´m not chinese. Then he explained that he will take us only at the entrance of chinatown as he does not want to go beyond, its too dangerous! " Why would you like to go at chinatown"? he asked. " I answered, its my husband wish to go there so he better take us . Whenever we travel, hubby make it a point to go & see where the local people lives. observe their way of living, their culture. taste the local traditional food, mingle & talk to them.

Inside chinatown, there was a celebration going on something religious.We asked permission from some organizers if we can film it & they said yes. After we finish filming, we were hungry so we moved on to another area where they have mini food stall but we did´nt sit in anyone of them because so many of the vendors are very agressive & would´nt leave us alone & quietly choose what we feel to eat & where we feel to sit..Finally, we found one small restaurant outside the building with a small show window where peking duck & other poultry meats are hanging. That caught hub´s eyes, he said "We´ll eat here"!! My eyes open wide with surprise!

The reason was...inside, was a group seated with their feet on top of the table,the used dirty plates are still on top of the few stone tables they have.As we entered the group scrambled to their feet, cleared the table rapidly,put the plates,spoons & forks in one bucket of water with detergent ( i hoped),wiped the stone table with wet dark cloth ( dont know if it was the real color or the cloth was dirty),and i saw one lady quickly wash some of the plates & glasses in the bucket, wiped dry & set one table for us. I was horrified & open my eyes to hubby to let him know my reaction! Hahaha!! He ignored my appeal!( he´s very hungry) And proceeded with our order, plates of mixed poultry meats & a seafood chinese rice, chow mein & drinks.

Would you believe it if I tell you that all my "delicadeza" was put aside as we started eating? It was the best meal I ate in Singapore!!!! We left the restaurant well fed & satisfied customer. On our way to the hotel,we laughed at our experience !!! A night to remember, i must say!

After 10 days, its time for me to go Manila & leave hubby behind to wait for the ship to finish,for the arrival of his crew then proceed with his journey to lisbon & I to Manila to spend more time with my family & to continue my well deserved rest.

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