Wednesday, 12 March 2008

PROVERBS, for a change

Found this cloth today while cleaning our closet.It was a piece that we brought from Dubai and has been with us since then.Dont know actually where to hang and do with it, so i just put it aside since then.


1) Money lover has no lover. Money despiser has no despiser

2) Dont intermediate between a wolf and a lamb,the wolf knows you´ll kill him while the lambs knows that you´ll eat him.

3) An egg to a hungry man gets a loud "Thank you" than a chicken to a well to do man.

4) If you lend him, you lose.If you dont,you lose him.

5) Words are hornets.Deeds are bees

6) The colour is yellow as gold,but the metal is imitation,from the outside merely decoration,from the inside deterioration

7) A nation without knowledge is a ship in the middle of the ocean overcrowded with people who know not navigation

8) Cloudy sky does not mean that the sun is not there.

9) Dont build boats in a town with no harbour,dont light candles in blind people´s parlours.

10) Benevolence is not so noble,motivation is.

11) The word "I wish" married the word "I hope",their offsprings were "If" and "May be"

12) No matter how much you repeat that you have a bull,the fool will insist that you should milk it

13) Your head is your house,furnish it

14) To a fool,good advise is a comb to a bald man

15) Deep water fish care nothing about surface gales; so is the wise,when foolish voices rise.

16) Since the head of the family is a drummer,why blame his family for moving on rythm.

17) What can be done at night is scandal by daylight standards.

18) Why blame the wolf for eating lambs;Dont you?

19)Date fruits go to waste on top of a high slippery palm is the miser´s money

20) Ants are not aware of human civilization,unbelievers are human ants.

So,what do you think about these proverbs?


Francesca said...

I can relate, lol

In the Book of Proverbs, it talks naman this:

when two dogs fights, do not get involve, bec both will turn to you.

Same with two friends fighting.
If we interfere, we are wll be eventually accused as the cause, lol

Also, a proverb that says:

do not give pearls to pigs. They just trample it with their feet.

Meaning, what words of wisdom (of the Bible)we gave to people are like pearls, but some trample it and do not accept it.

Proverbs are wise words, that really make us think.
The one you wrote are similar from the Great book.

Amrita said...

Very nice proverbs and i like the cloth too

Aura said...

So true Francesca..I guess the proverbs i copied was based on the old scripture.

There are many more we can learn about moral & religious teachings if we read our bible(matagal na akong di nagbabasa at naligaw na landas ko since living here).

I will re-start my reading today. need ko na..~
Thanks for dropping by1

Aura said...

Thanks Amrita,I like it too and the proverbs moral and religious teachings.

Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!