Sunday, 9 March 2008

Beach Hopping

The region of Algarve consist of 16 municipalities and one of them is Lagoa where we visited several beaches.

Praia de Marinha and Praia de Albandeira were the first 2 beaches we visited,as you can see even the rock formations has added its own beauty to the scenario.

The Praia da Marinha was also clasified as one of the 100 most beautiful and well preserved beaches of the world.

It was a beautiful day and i was dying to go down to the beach cafe and just sit back and relax.

The municipality of Lagoa has created a strategy with regards to its environmental concern.It has resisted the invasion of disorder by preserving its coastline and maintain a harmonious conjugation between the old and the modern habitat wherein building construction is equilibrated without any environmental impact and high rise buildings has no place on it.

Vila de Carvoeiro once another small fishing village situated about 5 kms from the city of Lagoa.As you can see in the photos, most beaches in Algarve offers clear water and fine sands.

I always apreciate this view of neat whitewashed houses and buildings.As you can see,Algarve has so much to offer.

Note: Pls click the photos to enlarge.


Amrita said...

The photos are like picture postcards. That 's why the Algarve is such a popular tourist spot

Anonymous said...

I've been around Algarve and would love to go back. Really had a great experience there. Beautiful mountain villages, pure culture, and lots of cove beaches in the region but there's Quarteira for a change too.