Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Season for all ocassions

These lovely spring flowers were taken in June. They are in bloom, a treat for all nature lovers to watch such beauty! Hubby & I were doing our early morning walk at the park nearby our apartment. I could´nt get hold of myself & keep on wishing i should have brought the camera to take photos. being a gentlemen hubby is, he offered to go back to the house to bring the camera for me to continue. After doing my 3rd round at the park ,there i saw hubby taking photos and so I let him do the shooting although I wanted to do it myself but I let him do it because its nice to watch him enjoying and relax....

Later, when he was satisfied with his shots, i asked for the camera and took also some .

Of all seasons,springtime is my favorite...its the time where nature is at its best.Waking up in the morning to you hear the birds singing sign that they are happy ( whooppy, its mating season!!) We live at the 9th flr of our building but i sometimes get surprised to see small birds at our window, see them flying with grass or twigs in their bicks to prepare their nest, the trees starts to turn green again, morning mist on leaves,buds of flowers start appearing and most of all i enjoy watching & caring for my plants for them to start growing flowers( dont have much as i only have a small place for them in my veranda). .I like to watch a plant grow & very seldom that i kill or throw a plant just because its old.

Now that summer has come, these plants were replaced with summer plants, my bougainvilla , started droping its flowers & so with my tea rose droping also its petals.I only have few now still with flowers but dont know their names. As i dont have summer plants my mini garden is turning green again.

This is my bougainvilla in full force,it gave me flowers in winter which was surprising! After feeding it with fertilizer in April, gave flower again in May. Now its July, the flowers started dropping so i hope to see it again next year.

And this is a colage of "Morning Glory" taken at a nearby farm between tall buildings around including ours..I wanted to take a picture of one big purple bougainvilla plant which must be already century old because of its size but the blue & violet colors of these flowers caught my attention so here they are ...the other picture below shows the bougainvilla i was talking about, its a lovely purple color but as the sun was already above us when this photo was taken,it lightened the color & did´nt do much justice to it.

Summer time is here again! It came late this year, its two days now that we are experiencing the heat 30cº above, for sure,people who started their early summer holidays had a disapointing weather encounter, rain, chilly winds at night and for the beach lovers , sands being blown at their faces, sticking to their bodies, no sunshine to get their precious bronze look. As for myself & hubby, we managed to swim only once last month in a chilly water, did´nt stay long because the weather started changing, from a clear sky to fog like this one at the photo below..So, off we go when this happened. Since then 3 weeks has passed, we never went back again to the beach but now that summer seems to stay for good, beach here we come, see you soon!!!


Icarus said...

Aura! You didn't tell me you had started a blog! Well done!

It is good to get a view from an Alges/Oeiras resident. Now I am back in VFX, it is easy to miss seeing the ocean & trees. There is just concrete and heat. They say the temps today are 32º for Lisbon & 36º for Santarém. So, we divide the difference for VFX, giving us at least 34º. It feels more.
The blue/violet flowers are called Morning Glory in English (see my woophy macro).
Also, the shot of the beach and the Marginal...Shall we tell people that the bend in the road there is known as Monaco? Quiz question for any other visitors not from Lisbon: Why is it Monaco? And I envy your bougainvillea. I left mine with its mum in Lisbon & this year it hasn't flowers OR leaves.

Aura said...

Thanks for dropping by Stewart!!This blog is just an experiment, dont even know if I have time to keep posting, that is why i have´nt anounced it yet. Besides,being here in portugal for 17 yrs now, my english vocabulary turned rusty that im afraid people might not understand what im talking about hahaha!!
You are right, the plant is morning glory.Thanks for telling me the name,I forgot its name,it´s beautiful,is´nt it?
It´s been a week now since i last visited whoopy, ill check on your macro now.

Icarus said...

Go on, Aura! I think it encourages us all to think more about the photography and tell people how it is where we are. Also, the exchanges with people around the world are rewarding and valuable. Don't worry about the language. You can use Portuguese also.
Anyway, I have given you a plug on mine, so we'll see...
Be well!

Dine said...

sans for the flowers a-bloom, i do not like summer, esp the hot summer. we do not have spring here in the philippines.

thanks aura, now i have an added dimension in blog sharing--a glimpse of portugal (am i correct?)

Aura said...

Glad u found your way here Dine! For me, our spring in Philippines is month of May, dont forget our own " Flores de Mayo" , the "suman at manga" in Antipolo, or the parade of "Reyna Elena", or dont they celebrate it anymore?
Yes, you are correct to say that i´ll be showing more a glimpse of portugal in this blog,
Thanks for droping by!