Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Those were the days!

When hubby & I left Dubai,UAE in 1989. we lived at" Hilton Apartments" one of the finest in those days ( photo above..It is facing Dubai-Abu Dhabi road that has only 2 lanes on each side, not much traffic in those days because its not easy to get a driving license. As for myself , it took me 6 months to get it as everytime we pass the exam,the next one will be scheduled within a month.My colleagues in the company rejoiced when they learned that i´ve done it in short period . I´ve wondered why( 6 months is short period?) úntil one senior indian salesman told me this...... "Aurora, you can buy gold with money but not a driving license!" I found out later that another senior salesman has been trying for 20 yrs and when he heard that I got my license he decided to quit trying but i encouraged him to try once more & focus with his test, he made it!! I was so happy for him.The company where I worked is owned by an indian family & one of the biggest trading company in Dubai selling the best brands of cosmetics & perfume & so with other consumer products they represent..The pioneer sales group & office staff are all indians & only in the 80´s that they started recruiting from the company where i worked in Philippines .We were only 4 Filipinos then in the cosmetic & perfume department..Had bad & fond memories of UAE, I would like to go back again someday.... Photo below is the new Dubai taken in 2005, Hilton Apartments on the left side look so small compared to the new skycrapers that sprouted in just 6 yrs

Above is an old mosque made of clay we happen to discover during an adventure trip to the desert of Fujairah,UAE..We didnt know then that it was a mosque, as there was no village nearby & nobody around , we entered inside..there were carpets on the floor, it was then that we realize we entered in a sacred mosque.

We wanted to take photo of this local man while he was tending his camels, it was at the desert between Al Ain & Abu Dhabi. He saw us , called our attention saying "lah, lah "( no, no) in arabic , we cant take pictures but later he stood beside me & said to hubby "tamam" (ok) he wanted a photo with me ..hahahah!!!!


Dine said...

what a big difference there was from 1989 to 2005. you must have liked your work there.

Aura said...

yes i did, dine...pity i have to leave my work. niyaya na kasi ako dito ng hubby ko at sya din iniwan nya ang maganda nyang trabaho duon.. salamat sa pagdaan mo dito sa blog ko

gracita said...

hi aura! thanks for visiting my blog. i've been meaning to leave a comment when i visited before but never got to do so.

my golly, there's a BIG difference from the dubai in 1989 to the dubai now. there's no limit to whatever they're trying to achieve. i feel like anytime soon, dubai is going to fall apart like that of the roman empire.

is lisbon a nice place to visit? husband was supposed to have a business trip there before and i was planning to go with him. unfortunately, it never pushed through.

Aura said...

Thanks for dropping by Gracita! Yes, lisbon is a very nice place to visit! Im sure you´ll fall in love with it, so many interesting places to see.You´ll also love & enjoy their food here better than the spanish especially their sweets & pastries..that is if you are mahilig sa "sweets" gaya ko.
Come on over, when you get a chance! you wont regret it! If you dont mind sending me your e-mail i´ll send you some more photos of lisbon. be well!