Monday, 28 July 2008

Philippine Holiday Soon!!

Finally, I will be going on holiday to Philippines few months from now. Actually it will be in December to spend christmas and new year with my family,Yuppeee!!!
I´ve been longing and looking forward for this ocassion as its been a long time since i last spend christmas holidays with my family.Hubby finally gave in to my request.

It was for this reason that i have´nt posted for long time,my head is always afloat and besides i´ve been busy preparing plans for our long holiday of 49 days.Hubby never like to be in one place during these times,there are still many places he must see that is why i need to plan everything for me also to have time to spend with my family.I always make it a point that we have few days all together in a certain place for outings.It has to be this way because my kids also work and dont have much to spend with us except during week ends or if hubby and I are not somewhere around.

During our last holiday in Sept.2006,hubby and I spent almost two weeks getting to know the Visayas and Mindanao region. Although i have been to some of those places,i have to revisit again to show him also places that i know he would enjoy.

The Philippines archipelago comprises of 7,107 islands, commonly divided into three island group,the Luzon,Visayas and Mindanao.I think i have been only to a hundreds of them therefore i am taking holiday opportunities with hubby to see more of my beautiful country.

Here are some 2006 photos taken during our 2 weeks visit in the two biggest island group outside Luzon where Manila is the Capital City.Manila is a very busy and buzzling city,a place where you will enjoy your shopping,good eateries,cultural visits.You may want to head south or north of manila for nature visits.

Philippine Eagle Park in Davao: a sanctuary for our endangered philippine eagle species Pls click photos to enlarged

The Crocodile Park in Davao

Malabagos Garden Resort and Nature Park,Davao

Me under a pergula covered with a beautiful bright red flower hanging above me whereas the other photois the resort garden restaurant where we had our lunch.

Here is a photo where the lady vendor was preparing a local fruit delight called Durian for hubby to taste.You should see his face when he tasted it,cant describe it!!

Hubby and I in our dream house ,the native house called Nipa Hut and in another photo with our native transport pulled by a carabao or rather water bufalo.This animal is also a good friend of our poor local farmers,the carabao is normally used by farmers to help prepare and till their lands before planting rice.

Last but not the least was an enjoyable day trip to Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Samal Island (originally a pearl farm before it was sold to a chain hotel)
Fee for a day trip was 1,500 Pesos or the equivalent of 23 Euros.Buffet lunch,boat trip to and from the resort,use of the resort facilities,all inclusive.all worth the trip!!

Before the boat ride and while we were inside the boat,coins were tossed to the water for the boys to dive into the water to get the coins before it plunges to the bottom.
Photos below were taken upon arrival at the resort,before and after diving into the pool and during a mouth watering buffet lunch after a swim.

Have to stop from here,this post has become too long again and also I filled it up with photos from philippines to show my dear readers the beauty of my country as seen by yours truly and of course by hubby!

Next post will be photos from Cebu City and Tagbilaran,Bohol

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