Monday, 21 January 2008

Sightseing in Madeira Part 3

We left Ribeira Brava at about 11:30 AM.We drove back to the highlands,passing thru a long winding roads while the fragrance of eucalyphtus trees fill the air.

I saw some herds of cows grazing along the way while some are moving towards the other side of the road.We even waited for a few who decided to rest on the roadside while another two decided to rest in the middle of the road.(did´´nt have the chance to take picture,thingking that hubby did so)

Anyway after half an hour of zigzag roads,i was relieved to know that we have to stop for a drink in a Hotel/restaurant at Paul da Serra.The restaurant is called Jungle restaurant and i´ll show you the reason why.
Can you see the couple behind me?That´s King Kong and son guarding the buffet table.

Whereas on another side,hubby was not aware of the danger behind his back.A big elephant coming towards him!There are other animals around like a panther and a lion.Lots of birds too!

The bar on one side offers local drinks such as "poncha" (punch),"caipirinha"(famous brazilian drink),"pé de cabra" (not sure what it was).A leg of "Presunto"(cured ham) on the counter is served upon order as an appetizer.I was so thirsty but i only wanted to drink bottled spring water.

From here ,our next stopover was a site where we got down to view the whole town of Porto Moniz

Statue of our lady of Imaculate Concepcion and St.Anthony´s on the roadside with candle and flower offerings from the truck drivers who frequent the roads praying for safety.

Porto Moniz is another one of the neat and small village with so many things to offer to any tourist who wish to have calm,tranquility and beauty of nature.
We had fish fillet for lunch served with rice and salad.
Photo of the restaurant where we had lunch that day,As you can see,a clear seawater pool around the building.

There were at least several artificial swimming pools to enjoy where you can have a swim as i saw some people doing that day even on a cold and windy day.

More photos from Porto Moniz.A Forte that is now the towns Aquarium.

A helipad nearby
We left the town after spending 3 hours in the area. A beautiful place indeed! But so with all the other places we visited in Madeira.


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The jubngle restrurnt is really nice and the food too.