Friday, 4 January 2008

Happy New Year!!!

I´ve had computer problems since my last post...Although i anounced that i may not post for a while,the following day my pc crashed.Now,I have to start all over again cause i lost almost everything.

Photos were taken at Funchal,Madeira Island in Portugal,land of the famous Madeira wine.We spend the last week of the year in this island where the weather is warmer,(max.22ºc/min.17ºc) and the city of Funchal´s streets,hotel buildings,houses are decorated with colorful lights and also,we came to watch its famous and spectacular fireworks at New Years Eve.

Photos shown are some street lights in downtown Funchal near the harbour area taken on our first night out.It was a pleasant walk by seaside. Funchal is beautiful and full of life in this time of the year and I must say ,the whole island is full of lights.

This is all for now,i will tell you more about Madeira when i finished sorting out my photos.

All the very best wishes to everyone!!!!


Amrita said...

Hello Aura, Happy 2008 to you and your husband.Glad you got your computer fixed up. I 'm also scared of that.

The holiday pictures look so good.

Aura said...

Happy New Year to you as well Amrita!!!

It was a horrible experience having problem with computer especially on the day that i reallly needed it.
Thanks God,everything turned out well.

Amrita said...

hi Aura, I have carded you on my blog...have a look