Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Day tour to the western region of Madeira

We booked for a day tour on our second day in Madeira,taking our breakfast in the hotel at 7:30 to be ready and meet our driver/guide who will take us around.
After our breakfast at around 8:10 AM,i look outside to see the sun rising at the horizon so i run outside the restaurant to take this photo

Our driver/guide arrived a bit late but we left the hotel at about 8:30 and along the way while passing the port of Funchal,i saw this passenger ship docked since our arrival day before.
Our first stop was the small and charming town of Camara de Lobos as shown on the photos below
Our guide had a problem speaking with us due to sore throat but my guess town used to be a fishing village
Hubby on a sleigh ride and nativity by the roadside.Photo on the top left was taken at Cabo(Cape) Girão which is said to be the second highest promontory in the world.As you can see at the town we left behind.

The trip to this western side of Madeira is only winding roads,climbing up and down the mountains and passing through a lot of tunnels that connect the town or villages.
Then our third stopover was an interesting place called Fajã dos Padres,said to be a touristic village with restaurant and agricultural exploration owned by just one family.Its an isolated village ,where the people can only go up and down by taking the elevator as shown on the picture at the lower lefthand side.Food supplies and other needs are also taken down by another elevator made for that purpose as shown in another photo.
The beach as you can see below is of fine black sand and pebbles.The only place where you can find golden sand is to cross another island called Porto Santo.
Although Madeira is an island,dont expect to see coconut trees or white/golden sand beaches.The water is warm and crystal clear, summer is comfortable enough and you can enjoy a mild winter( most tourist even wear shorts and sleeves shirts or blouses).Its the peak season of the year for Madeira.Several passenger ships on cruise are docked at Funchal Port to give their passengers a treat to enjoy the fireworks display on New Years Eve This post is getting quiet long ..I guess, i have to stop and try to continue the second part by tomorrow....Meanwhile,i hope you enjoy this sightseing with me as i did.

Note:Pls click the photos to enlarge and enjoy the photos

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Amrita said...

I have read about Madeira.Its a popular tourist resort. All the photos are lovely.You look so good Aura.