Monday, 12 September 2011

Unexpected treat

I had an unexpected treat today, hubby prepared our lunch :) A special dish that he has been longing to eat for a long time.Cant recall the name of the wild bird in english but it´s called " Perdiz " in portuguese.It´s not very often we find it in the supermarket that is why when hubby saw it in the frozen meat section,he was very happy and mind you its not cheap too.
We had it in the freezer for almost a month now, never knew the way hubby wanted me to prepare it till he decided to do it himself today :)

Photos below:

Dish on our plate served with a good portuguese wine.

The finished dish of the day...

Appetizer before our meal,crackers with cheese and "ponche" from madeira island

Finally,my wish to put hubby cooking again has been materialized. Actually,he is a very good cook and he used to love doing it.The only problem is he also adores my cooking and for that reason alone that he just let me be the "chefe".

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