Sunday, 11 September 2011

I´m back !!!

Hello everyone!! I´ve been away too long from the bloggers world and ijust thought i should start writting again.

For now,nothing much is happening with my life here in lisbon except for the usual daily chores at home and our morning leisure trip to the beach near our place,doing some sort of exercise like swimming or just walking by the shore & even just do nothing at all....Is´nt that wonderful??? Enjoy the sun & beautiful weather while it last :)

Here are some photos from some of the beaches we visited recently

One foggy morning at the Caixas beach.We did´nt stay long as the weather turned out to be uncomfortable for us.

Photo taken at Fonte de Telha beach, about 30 minutes drive from our place and we come to this beach not only because of the beautiful clean beach but more of the restaurant where we can also eat good grilled sardines.( Sardines are eaten at its best during summer season)

People enjoying a very good summer weather day....It´s one of those crowded days!!

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