Monday, 27 October 2008

Im back...Im still Around

I have´nt noticed that its been almost three months since i last posted something in my blog....the summer heat of August & September must have affected me in a way :)

But its was not the only reason,i´ve been busy surfing the net for airfares from,Lisbon-Hong Kong-Manila in December trying to get a fare price. Planning and preparation for our holidays has always been always my task as hubby has no time and patience for it.He trusted my discretion and judgement on this matter although the last word will always be his. Lol!!

Therefore,in mid September i finally bought our ticket online for a flight to Hong Kong not direct to Manila. We decided to stay a week Hong Kong ,and during this period we will also visit Macau and Guanzhou,China .I also requested my son in Mla. to buy us a ticket from HK-Mla as KLM dont fly HK-Mla and besides their airline partner that can fly us to Mla charge more than another local airline that i checked thru net. So i opted for our local airline and we manage to get a good price for it too, paying only 150.00 Euros for a one way ticket for two from Hong Kong to Manila.

Buying airline tickets online is always cheaper,you get to check on their prices and compare it to other airlines until you are satisfied with the price and can make your reservation in advance. All you need is to have a bank card where they can debit your payment.Reservation fees also are a lot cheaper than when you buy thru travel agencies.

Anyway,we shall leave on an early morning 3 hrs flight from Lisbon-Amsterdam on Dec.4, then we change plane in Amsterdam for another straight 11 hrs flight to Hong Kong to arrive the following day.In Hong Kong we´ll have a chance to adjust our body clock.Its the most difficult part during this travel because when its morning in Europe,its already the end of the day in the Far East.Time difference Europe to Far East is 8 hrs.

For now,i´m still busy replacing our summer clothes to our winter wardroves most especially hubby´s wardrove. He still works you know,therefore i need to prepare all his office winter clothings.

Yesterday,we have already adjusted our clock one hour late.The day is getting shorter and so is the temperature, thermometer is getting lower although i can still enjoy wearing a lighter clothing during the day as in summer only to change to a warmer clothes when the sun goes down.

In my last post,i promised to write about manila but as we will be in Mla within 6 weeks time,I guess i prefer to show and write about a more updated photo of Mla.

Meantime i could´nt resist to show you some photos taken during our last holiday 2 yrs ago.
Photos were taken with my friends at the newly inagurated SM shopping mall said to be the biggest in asia.

The Shopping Mall of Asia and friends photo by the seaside

Inside the shopping mall

Group picture as our shopping bag of seafoods are being weighed before cooking and another picture of our happy faces on the table before we start attacking our food.
After our dinner,we pass by the fruit market section to buy native fruits to take home.

From the shopping mall and few minutes drive from there ,picture were taken when we went to a fish market nearby to buy seafoods and have it cooked in one of the many restaurants nearby for our dinner.We were celebrating one of my friends birtday that same day. Photos were taken before the photos above


As you can see in the photos of the fish vendors,you´ll note how fun loving and well humored the filipinos are. Oblidging to my hubby´s whim in taking photos of the filipino life and so as to show photos of what our wet markets has to offer. Hubby enjoys going to these type of places and many others to observe and take note of everything around him especially the typical way of life of the people around the world.

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Herman Verbrugge said...

That was a GREAT seafood party Aura!
I hope you and your husband may have a good flight to the Filipinos and happy landings. Is the weather in Portugal as bad as it is here at the moment?