Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Philippine Holiday Part 3

We have to cut short our intended 6 days stay in Cebu.After 2 days,hubbys mood changed he does not seem to be enjoying our stay in the city center.I made him choose where he prefers to stay ,city center or beach resorts and he chose the first option. I guess he was also disappointed because we suppose to be with a friend in cebu that promised to take us arround but unfortunately she was called back to Manila while we were in Davao.Also,i think hubby was disappointed of Cebu because i told him lots of good memories about it and how i enjoyed my trips many years ago. I enjoy nature,sun and beaches whearas hubby a former seaman ( retired merchant marine officer ) he is not really very fond of the sea." 1 hour in the beach is enough, he would say to me " So you see,even if i wanted to be at the beach for the whole day,its not possible!

There was a travel agency near the hotel and i thought of taking hubby to another island.We made inquiries,booked for the ferry boat that would take us to a day trip to Tagbilaran,Bohol.Fortunetely for us ,the agency manage a seat for us for an early morning trip the following day.I think it was about an hour or hour and a half ride to the city of Tagbilaran,the capital of Bohol


Bohol is an island province of Philippines and is the 10th largest island in the country.The most popular attraction is a natural wonder called the Chocolate Hills and the island of Panglao famous for its diving location and fine white sands,located just southwest of the city.

Upon arrival at the pier or port,there are many taxi/tourist drivers that are recognized by the authorities to take tourist around for a day tour to the island for a certain amount. I have to negociate for the amount,we paid 3,500 pesos + tip( +-50 euros which i think is too much)we still have to pay for the entrance fee, river cruise to Loboc River, 1,000 pesos / head,our lunch including the drivers lunch +- 2,500 pesos,so i guess we spend about 120-150 euros that day but worth the trip.although i would advise the would be travellers to this island to go for a package trip which would come out cheaper.

Our first stopover was a place "Sandugo" ( san means one ,dugo means blood) where the spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and the native king Datu Sikatuna of Bohol sealed their frienship thru blood compact cosidered to be the first international treaty of friendship between two people of different races.

Panglao Island is also seen in the backgroud.

Next stop,(photos above)was taken inside a 400 yr old the century old Baclayon Church/ Museum and another church convent as seen behind hubby´s photo.

Some photos were taken along the way

Here below, were photos taken at Loboc river during a cruise of the river up to its water source.We´ve also seen numerous caves and waterfalls along the way. Photo with the 2nd smallest primate in the world,the "Tarsiers" was taken before our cruise.

After the 30 minute river cruise,we were quite hungry and we were taken to another place where we can have a lunch buffet for 14 euros/head.Native dishes and local fruits only.Our favorite drink is the coconut juice taken straight from the tree.

With full stomach ,we then proceeded to the famous Chocolate Hills but first a stopover photo at the Mahogany forest a man made mahogany park.

The Chocolate hills is a natural wonder composed of 1,200 hills made of limestones leftovers from coral reefs during ice age when the island was submerged. The hills grass turn brown during summer days looking like chocolates,hence their name.
Note that photos of the hill were not chocolate coulored as photos were taken in Sept. still rainy season in Philippines

Last was a trip to cross the hanging bridge to see native craft on the other side. As we were already tired from our expedition of the day,we did´nt bother to see anymore what can be seen on the other side of the river. Took some photos then back at the port to wait for our ferry back to Cebu City.

The following day we were on our way to the airport to go back home to Manila the capital city of Philippines but to pass the time before the flight,we first went to the mall to have a manicure/pedicure ( hubbys favorite past time:) ),had our lunch after wards then back to the hotel to check out while our taxi driver is waiting outside to take us to the airport.Below are some more snap shots of the day up to the aircraft to fly us back to manila.

Next post will be about Manila


Francesca said...

hey, hey hey, teka teka, nasa manila ka pal! sus, huli ko na nabalitaan. Padala naman Tuyo, lol

We did that trip in Bohol, same route, less Loboc boat lunch, kasi no time na kami. We ate in a resto malapit dyan sa Bohol site.

And yung Tarsier, me photo kami non beauty and the beast, ako yung beast, haa ha

basta, masaya. ENJOY!
and, check your return flight tickets, hehe.

Senor Enrique said...

Thanks for sharing your pics of Bohol! Would you believe that I haven't gone to see this place, yet?

Can't wait to see your pics of Manila.

Enjoy and welcome back home!

Francesca said...

coucou, aura, still in manila???

Francesca said...

just passingby to have some updates about you. We are in malaga, and eyeball tyo, lapit lgn ng lisbon dito eh, hahahaha.

Siya, thanks for giving me some encouragements after the operation;see you!